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Touching, uplifting,
and very, very funny.

Pacoima Days

The Real-Life Stories Behind Two Major Motion Pictures - 'The Sandlot' and 'Radio Flyer'

Radio Flyer and Sandlot DVDs

Here's a
these two

They were based on

A kid go over a fence...

There a dog...

Scott and his mom

And there

a Bobby...

But he didn't fly away.

The stories behind the stories

Written by the real-life 'Bobby,' Pacoima Days is a riveting memoir about survival, adventure, and the enduring bond between two brothers.

Growing up in Pacoima (twenty-three miles north-west of Los Angeles), the brothers had everything they could possibly need--a home, a hard-working mother... oh, and a sadistic, alcoholic father.

Life was a daily struggle to escape the savage beatings and to earn money--lots of it--for childhood necessities like comic books, ice cream, and weekly trips to the one place they were truly safe: the movies, where they could sit back with a bucket of popcorn and pretend that their lives were very, very different.

The older brother (Dave Mickey Evans) grew up to become an iconic film director, writing two blockbuster movies about his childhood: The Sandlot and Radio Flyer.

However, the author (the younger brother who bore the brunt of the abuse) took a very different path in life.

Told with warmth, humor, and deep insight into the power of human connection, this is the story of what really happened in Pacoima.

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Set against a backdrop of the 1970s (and starring a cast of thousands if you count the flies), the book delivers a vivid account of an epic childhood filled with midnight escapes, backyard tunnels, St. Bernard dogs, and a code of silence: people didn't talk about ‘things’ back then.

Starting with an 'extra' set of grandparents and ending with the author’s surprise discovery about his paternity, Pacoima Days proves that truth really is stranger than fiction.